Eclipse (on Windows) is terrible.

[3:04:22 PM] kevinjenkins1974: I have to restart Eclipse because the UI degrades every time I debug. At first I can no longer use the search function. Then copy/paste no longer works. Then the function keys no longer work. Then it randomly crashes and switches the UI to debug mode with no code every 10 seconds. This all happens in about 5 minutes after I debug
[3:04:42 PM] kevinjenkins1974: I can’t believe large companies use it
[3:05:04 PM] Dustin McCartney: *shrug*. Me either. It is huge at IBM, Google, SAP, etc.
[3:05:49 PM] kevinjenkins1974: another thing is suppose I have an html file and make an edit. I reload in my browser. Would you expect A: My changes are visible B: my changes are not visible ?
[3:05:51 PM] Dustin McCartney: …part of that might be Eclipse on Windows though… maybe. Many of these tools and such don’t quite work right on Windows.
[3:06:23 PM] kevinjenkins1974: There’s a ‘clean and publish’ button for the server. So I press that. Would you expect the changes are now visible?
[3:06:37 PM] kevinjenkins1974: There’s a ‘clean’ for the solutoin, I press that. Changes are now visible?
[3:06:48 PM] kevinjenkins1974: Shutdown and restart eclipse. Changes are now visible?
[3:06:54 PM] kevinjenkins1974: If you said no to every question, youd’ be right
[3:07:22 PM] kevinjenkins1974: I can either A: Delete all files from my harddrive, restart eclipse, now it is visible. Or B: Press F5 in project explorer to reload files into eclipse’s cache
[3:07:34 PM] kevinjenkins1974: Now why it does not do this automatically is a real question
[3:08:28 PM] kevinjenkins1974: Half the reason for my headache with ehcache.xml is I’d make a change and eclipse would not refresh or I’d forget to refresh. Then it would use my old settings at random, and drive me crazy wondering what I am doing wrong
[3:09:58 PM] kevinjenkins1974: I think you are probably right about Windows. I think they use it on Linux only, and have some build tool to automatically port to Windows. But nobody checks it and nobody cares, so it’s half-assed and doesn’t work right
[3:11:54 PM] Dustin McCartney: LOL.

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