Braco gazing session report

My wife attended a Braco show last week. I couldn’t find any unbiased information on what happens during these sessions so I got a ticket to attend a session as well and report on what happens.

The Braco website implies that Braco has the supernatural ability to heal though his gaze. To quote from About Braco “A NEW POSSIBILITY OF TRANSFORMATION, HEALING & AWAKENING FOR HUMANITY HAS EMERGED” and “Braco does not talk to his visitors, nor does he touch them or use any other form of nonverbal suggestion: He simply is gazing at them” According to organizers claim Braco does not make a profit from his shows.

The session was at a hotel. Braco had several gazing sessions a day spread over two days at the hotel. The cost to attend a session was $8. There were multiple tables outside the entrance to the session area selling Braco related products, including video DVD(s), jewelery, and books. My wife bought the $20 DVD and a $200 necklace. While she was doing so I loudly exclaimed “I thought Braco didn’t make any profit from these shows!?” One of his supporters overheard and moved to intercept me, but when she saw my wife buying the necklace she moved on.

The line to get into the session room for the session I attended had about 250 people in it, which I estimated inside the session room by counting the number of chairs in a row times the number of occupied rows. Some of the attendees waited in line since the start of the prior showing, that is to say they waited over an hour to sit in the chairs closest to the front row.

Braco had about a dozen supporters helping at the session. You could generally pick them out because they were wearing loose flowing clothing.

The session does not start with Braco gazing at you as I initially expected. Instead, the first ten minutes or so are spent listening to anecdotal evidence and a speaker. One woman said she had a vision of her dead mother from 20 years ago, with her now-dead dogs next to her mother. Another claimed she has a bipolar daughter who improved at about the time she attended a Braco session, although by her own admission her daughter didn’t even attend. Some people in the audience brough pictures of people they wanted healing, as supposedly the healing effect could transfer through a photograph as well.

The speaker did mention that Braco’s gaze did not work for everybody, but then qualified that you still did get vague benefits out of it, or that you may pick up a trigger that transfers to another person. She also said that like the body carries the soul, the Braco products sold outside the door carried Braco’s healing energy. She said that some people put the DVDs on wounds to help them heal. Some people in the audience were laughing when she said this, as if she were joking, although I didn’t get the impression that she was. The laughter did not sound unkind though, I think that people simply chose to believe the claims they wanted to and dismissed the rest as a joke. She also claimed that some people put the DVDs on animals to help them heal too.

The remainder of the time was spent watching a short video (5 minutes maybe) of Braco. Braco never speaks in the video. Instead, supporters make claims on his behalf. Braco is shown in the video, but framed to impart upon the viewer a mystical feeling.

The combination of the video, the speaker, and the anecdotal evidence over 20 minutes did a good job of building anticipation for when Braco did step out. The audience noticeably reacted and gasped. Braco walked upon a raised platform and stood there for about 8 minutes gazing over the audience. After that he simply walked away without comment out a back door.

The speaker invited people at that time to share their experiences of the just-completed gazing. I got up to leave early, the only one to do so, and began squeezing past people to walk out. One of Braco’s supporters side-stepped to block the exit, with an outstretched arm blocking my way. She told me to wait until the sharing session was complete. I replied “I’m leaving” and took an adjacent exit.

Before the session, the known injuries that I had are:

Scratch on my nose
Weakened Achilles tendon (running injury)
Weakened Teres Minor (weightlifting injury)
Circumcised penis

After the session, my injuries were not improved to any degree I could notice from a self-inspection. After 9 days and I still have all of those injuries to the same degree, except the scratch on my nose, which as been reduced to a small scab

My wife attended two sessions. Her injuries are
C-Section scar
Missing tooth
Scar on collarbone
After both sessions, her injuries were not improved to any degree noticeable from a self-inspection. After 9 days she still has those injuries.