Disappointed in neatworks

I bought a Neatworks scanner to make my office paperless. After using it for 9 months, I’m pretty disappointed in it, mostly due to poor software.

1. You can scan multiple pages in order, but they are processed out of order, meaning you have to manually reorder them. After complaining about this to the good customer service, they released a patch that only fixed it if you use quick scan center, and then the pages are still in reverse order. Using the regular scan center it’s still out of order.
2. The stored document quality is very bad, almost unreadable, with white backgrounds turning grey, and the overall quality degraded.
3. The OCR accuracy is bad. I don’t know the exact percentage of the time it fails, but it’s definitely the majority of the time.
4. The UI is bad overall, making the software very tedious to use. For example, if I scan 100 receipts all in the same tax category, I have to manually select the tax category for each one through a huge drop down list. You can’t even type to narrow down the category unless you type exactly the category as it is spelled, with punctuation and multiple spaces.
5. Scans are often off-center because there are no guideposts to ensure your documents scan in straight. This is true of both receipts and regular 8.5 x 11 documents.
6. You can export to pdf only, and then only immediately after scanning a document. Once you archive it you can no longer do so, nor can you modify the document, such as fixing the page order.