Online grocery shopping comparison
Price: Looks to be about 150% typical from a quick browse-through. Otherwise no delivery charge, no contracts.
Delivery speed: Only delivered on a set day
Selection: Very limited. They carry the most common items, but you’ll still need to go to the grocery store.
Delivery areas: Very limited, certain major cities
Price: Cheapest plan is $10 a month + a 10% surcharge on the groceries. According to the site tipping is not expected, but some clients do tip.
Delivery speed: Two hour service window selected on signup. I don’t believe this is delivery on demand.
Selection: Trader joes and whole foods only
Delivery areas: 7 states, limited cities
Price: Depends on the store, 15% markup for some stores. $6-$12 delivery fee, or $149 a year unlimited. Tips are expected.
Delivery speed: 1 hour
Selection: Whole foods, costco, safeway, QFC, PCC, petco, Central co-op
Delivery areas: Certain major cities
Price: $49 minimum order. $10 delivery fee on order of $150 or more. $13 delivery fee on order under $150. No tipping. Safeway prices which are higher than Trader Joes, Costco, but cheaper than Whole Foods.
Delivery speed: 1-4 hour window for same-day most days
Selection: Safeway only. No hot foods.
Delivery areas: Certain major cities, covers my city though so better than most
Price: $299 a year plus $79 a year for Amazon Prime membership. Delivery free on orders over $35. Items prices are comparable to Safeway. Tip expected.
Delivery speed: Same day
Selection: Good, however the CNET review said the tomatoes that were delivered were mushy.
Delivery areas: Certain major cities, covers my city though so better than most