Vista file sharing is ridiculous crap

I’ve been using Windows since 3.1 and I still can’t figure out how to share *@%&@* directories on the *%&@*&% LAN.

Problems I’m facing are:

1. If you select a computer on the network, and log on as one user, it is utterly impossible to ever log off, or log on as a different user. Right clicking there is no option to select a different user, or to not log on with the user you want. I even tried disabling the network adapter, clearing passwords, etc. It doesn’t matter. If you go to Network, it will ALWAYS log on as the user you don’t want to log on with.

2. You can’t share files even if you do log on as a user. Right click on a folder and hit share. It brings up a dialog “Choose people to share with” I don’t want to share with any *%@&* people. I just want to logon as MY CURRENT USER on a different computer and access this folder. WTF!

Someone needs to make an application that lets you access your harddrive over the network.

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You should investigate Windows’ “net use” command line utility to access and control SMB/UNC file shares.

Yeah, I haven’t solved those issues either.

The most painless way to transfer files over the network is either

a) Create a specific file share folder that is shared with everyone and drop your files to share in that

b) Use IM to transfer files.

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