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Middleware marketing 2: Require links and logos

Bit of advice based on what I’m going through now:

If you ever write middleware, make sure your contract includes that you can list the customer on the customer page of your website. It’s easy to get when selling your middleware, but quite hard to get retroactively. Right now a huge game is coming out using RakNet, and I’m not sure if I can list them as a customer which is very frustrating.

I hear that all other middleware companies also force the developers to list the middleware library logos on their splash screen. That’s another thing I previously had optional, and in practice has only happened once that I’m aware of. I’ve probably cheated myself out of a lot of free marketing and sales because of that. Make it another requirement.

I have another deal in the works and just delayed it to ask for this, but it’s important enough I’d rather lose the deal than get a deal without it.

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