How to tip like a Gentleman?

I was reading How to tip like a gentleman. It seems like most people support what he wrote, but personally I think tipping is way out of hand.

One incident I remember was at Supercuts about two years ago. It’s $20 for a 20 minute haircut, they spent the whole time I was sitting there trying to sell me cosmetics, and did a bad job too. So for the tip I put a slash, and got a nasty look. Why should the lady expect a tip for doing her job at all, much less doing a bad job, and spending the whole time trying to advertise to me?

Another incident in was Las Vegas about 3 months ago in a taxi on the way back to the airport. The guy was nice enough but the fee is near $100 an hour. So I gave him like $40 for a $38 fair, told him to keep the change, and got a nasty look for it. I don’t know what’s supposed to be appropriate for a taxi, but good grief at that rate (if they keep half the money) they are pulling in probably 75K a year to drive a car, with no education and minimal training. I know it’s a risky job but it’s not like they are making minimum wage. That’s how it is in Europe, leave them the change if you want to, but it’s not expected. Now it’s like the opposite, you are expected to give a tip, so not only is a small tip not appreciated, they are mad for getting it.

About 3 months ago I went to semi-fast food restaurant. I paid by credit card, and there was a tip line to be filled in before you even got your food. And they didn’t even serve the food there, you had to get up and get it yourself. And even if they did, I don’t see the sense in tipping before I even get the service, so put a slash there. I got a bad look for that too.

A few dollars for good service is one thing. But I don’t think it should be expected, and certainly not for cases where someone is doing a job that is not interpersonal (driving a taxi, taking your order at a fast food outlet).

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Thankfully in Australia, tipping is never expected and rarely even expected with good service. At most they might have a tip jar. Having it on the bill is just bizzare. Mandatory tipping is completly illogical and pointless.

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