Don’t forget to vote

Tomorrow is the big voting day “Super Tuesday.” It will also be the first time I’ve been actively interested in a political campaign. Prior to this election I’ve always looked at the candidates and saw they were all crooks and liars, so why bother? It’s like voting for what kind of gun you want to shoot you in a firing squad.

I was telling my friend Ron Paul is the first candidate I’ve ever seen in my life that is honest. Whatever else you think about him, I think it is undeniable the other guys weasel out of questions they don’t want to answer. Every interview of Ron Paul I’ve ever seen has him saying nothing but the honest truth, and the truth does not depend on who he is talking to. Just last week I was watching an interview by MTV and a girl asked him what he would do about the high price of birth control. His answer was basically (paraphrasing) “The president is the commander in chief of the military, but the Constitution does not grant him/her powers over the economy. I would get goverment out of the industry, which would have the effect of lowering prices across the board.” I can’t imagine any other candidate giving such a candid and straight answer.

The problem with Ron Paul is most people don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to hear that the dollar is crashing, the state is bankrupt, and it’s our own government’s policies that blow terrorism back at us. But it’s all true and obvious to any educated and knowledgeable person. 6 years ago when I worked in Europe I was unhappy because the Euro was worth much less than the dollar. Now it’s worth much more. And it’s not like the dollar just magically becomes worth less. It’s because there are more dollars in circulation. When the federal reserve was created 5 cents back then was worth a dollar today. The debt is approaching 10 trillion dollars. I heard on the radio today it is estimated to be at 10.5 trillion by the time Bush is out of office. And that’s being creative; if you use corporate accounting methods Social Security and Medicare every one of us owes over $200,000. And who honestly believes that terrorists in the Middle East attack us because they hate freedom?

It’s not over – Ron Paul may win. Most state’s votes are not in yet. People’s awareness of Ron Paul is growing daily. I’m going to vote and do my part to help him win. But if he doesn’t I think he’s done a lot of good by campaigning. People are more aware now of the problems we are facing as a nation. If most people are not ready for Ron Paul this election, maybe they will be the next. Right now it’s only the smart and educated 15% that see this, but as conditions deteriorate and our freedoms are taken more people will sign on. This is truly a revolution, and like all revolutions it’s not about a single leader, but the people.

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