Game Development

Lobby server nearly done

Man what a crunch.

Here’s the capabilities of what it can do on the PC:

(~) Quit
(A) Login
(B) Set TitleId
(C) Logoff
(D) Register an account
(E) Retrieve password recovery question from handle
(F) Retrieve password from password recovery question
(G) Update account
(H) Change handle
(I) Download friends
(J) Send add friend invite
(K) Accept add friend invite
(L) Decline add friend invite
(M) Get friends list (print them)
(O) Download ignore list
(P) Add to or update ignore list
(Q) Remove from ignore list
(R) Get ignore list (print it)
(S) Download emails
(T) Send email
(U) Delete email
(V) Update email status
(W) Read emails (print it)
(X) Send IM
(Y) Create room
(Z) Download rooms
(0) Get All rooms (print them)
(1) Leave room
(2) Join room
(3) Room chat
(4) Room invite
(5) Set ready to play status
(6) Kick room member
(7) Set room invite only
(8) Set room allow spectators
(9) Change room slots
(!) Grant moderator
(@) Start game
(#) Quick match
($) Cancel Quick match

It’s all about 15,000 lines of code (probably a quarter of that copy/paste hehe) written mostly over 6 or 7 days. It’s late so I’m making a lot of mistakes.

Tomorrow I will document the headers, test it, and move some files around. Then I can release it as the first beta.

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