Game Development

Working hard, getting nothing done

I tend to consider days where I don’t implement major new features wasted days. By that standard I’m working very hard and getting nothing done.

My time right now is split:

15% answer emails (mostly artists)
10% updating the artist Wiki
15% general artist support
30% training & bug-fixing for a new programmer
5% fixing old bugs caused by myself
5% refactoring
5% communication in general (bug reporting, etc).
5% miscellaneous crap (blog, worrying. stress)
10% adding minor features

It’s probably been like this for the last week.

I have a few good things going for me:

1. All the major architectural features are in. It’s just a matter of polishing them and getting them working.
2. My programmer from Portugal is really good. I can assign him stuff and just know that it will get done right.
3. While I don’t like it, I’ve been paying a lot for the best tools. These tools are starting to pay off.
4. I have as many people as I need now working on stuff. So I don’t have to spend time interviewing.

Fortunately, I only have a few major features left. Unfortunately, one of these is splitting the client and server and getting everything actually working over the net. Ouch.

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