Sourcegear Vault does not support fixing merge conflicts.

I found a problem with Vault which is that, when a merge conflict arises, I can’t edit the code generated by the resultant conflict. My only choice is to accept or reject parts of the code.
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This simple case illustrates the problem:.

Lets say I have a released function as follows:
void func1(int numbre);

I fixed the spelling in a branch:
void func1(int number);

I add a parameter to that function in the released version:
void func1(int numbre, bool b);

Obviously no tool can figure this out automatically so a merge conflict arises. The proper solution for the branched version is to have both the “bool b” parameter and the correctly spelled variable.
void func1(int number, bool b);

However, the only option I’m given is to use the released version.
void func1(int numbre, bool b);

I have no way to edit text in the merge resolve tool. Even something as limited as saying “CONFLICT HERE” and saving out the file would help. But there’s no support for that. My only option is to save the incorrect file, fix the conflicts myself, and then merge later, which takes 10X longer than simply changing a variable name. This is doable but pretty unacceptable considering that Perforce does let you edit code and that conflict resolution is a fundamental feature of a source control application. I could use it by myself, but for a large company?

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