The country of origin should pay the costs of deporting illegals

The problem with illegal aliens is that
1. We don’t have the resources to hire enough agents to catch most of them
2. Most of those we do catch are immediately released because we don’t have the resources to hold most of them.
3. Those we do send back just get a free ticket home.
4. As soon as they are sent back, they just come to the US again.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this before: just bill (via tarrifs or other means) the country of origin for the costs of the deportation. After all, these are their citizens we are talking about.

1. The increased funding would go towards hiring more agents
2. The increased funding would allow us to better hold caught illegals
3. They still get a free ticket home, just we (meaning you and I, the tax payers) aren’t the ones paying for it.
4. Their own goverments will have an incentive to stop them, rather than encourage them, to cross the border.

Right now the Mexican goverment is actually encouraging people to cross, going so far as to give them desert crossing travel guides! If they worked with us, rather than against us, we’d be 10X better, not twice as better, as protecting the border.

We should also fine businesses that hire illegals. This is already the law – just not enforced.

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