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Dynamic help is the Clippy of Visual Studio

Does anyone actually use Dynamic Help?

Dynamic Help = Snail Shit

It seems like the stupidest idea Microsoft has ever come up with. Well maybe behind Clippy and Microsoft Bob but not far behind. Within ass grabbing distance.

The problem with dynamic help is that it takes about 10 seconds to load on my snail slow work computer, and F1 is right next to the Escape key, which I hit all the time. And those fields are utterly useless. Do I really care what Microsoft thinks about my coding techniques and programming practices? 10 seconds is too short to go do something else, and too long to avoid breaking my concentration.

At least there’s no dog that comes up asking me what I want to search for.

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It also drived me crazy for couple of days, till i accidently encountered some check boxes. when unchecked them, the nightmare vanished.

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