Next Windows Vista takes 800 MB of RAM

I read yesterday that the next version of Windows, Vista, takes 800 MB of RAM. I read this on a mid-end XP computer that took 10 seconds to load up Firefox, 5 seconds to load the page, and 2 seconds to close the page because the system is so starved for memory to begin with.

Am I the only person that thinks there is something wrong when you need a high-end system just to run the OS? I thought the purpose of the OS was to provide a platform from which to run your programs. Why is it most of my computer resources go just towards running the OS?

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800mb of ram is an insane amount to be sure. However, I don’t actually see Vista needing that much. I’ve been playing with the latest build (Febuary CTP 3806 or something like that) and it only takes about four seconds to load Firefox, and it’s only eating up about 200MB of ram after boot. I’ve got all the flashy junk turned all the way up too.

Booting, however, is slow, and I will tell you there are times the entire system SLOWS TO A CRAWL when I try to do simple things (like loading paint!). It’s nothing like my linux install, which BLOWS away everything. Now, keep in mind, I’ve got a p4 2.8GHZ 2.0gigs of ram, and SCSI Hd’s…. so it shouldn’t be able to touch my system… or so I’d think…

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