Ron Paul gets only 10% in the Iowa caucus

Yesterday was a dark day. I was hoping that Ron Paul would win the Iowa caucus by a landslide. Ron Paul is the first politician I’ve ever read about or watched that tells the truth, defends personal liberty, and gets his funding from private citizens over special interests. Instead he only got 10%, as opposed to the Huckabee with 34%.

People are so stupid it makes me mad and depressed. How can anyone not vote for Ron Paul? He has bad points, such as being religious, but he represents what this country should stand for and exactly what we need in our current dark days. Instead the usual flip-flopping and pandering wins out. People give up their own freedoms so easily. If Huckabee wins this means another 8 years of Bush-like crusades, financial insolvency, and further destruction and erosion of civil liberties.

I’m going to vote in the CA primaries and I just hope people get a clue and things turn around. Get out there and vote!