Game Development

Trying to find testers…

I’m trying to find more testers for Galactic Melee. Originally, I was going to go with a small team of like 10 guys. But what happens is someone will check in once a day or so to see if someone else is online. Since this kind of game is totally multiplayer, there’s nothing to do with nobody else around, so a few minutes later they leave. As a ball-park estimate I need about 100 testers such that at any given time someone is likely enough to find enough players to stick around. Since my map is so large it’s not worthwhile unless there’s really 8 or more guys online.

Right now I have maybe 10-20 testers actively looking to play. So today I did a bit of marketing and tried to hit some game review sites for a news link. If I can just get one good link that will solve the problem.

I need to reach a critical threshold of playerbase and awareness to launch. After that point word of mouth will take care of the rest of my marketing.


Galactic Melee closed alpha

Galactic Melee is pretty solid now so I started closed alpha. I need to advertise to get about 500 testers and make sure it still works with a heavy load.

How alpha proceeds will determine if I start charging and continue development while people play, or halt the project for a year or so while I take a job again and work on it part-time.

Today I will be filling out the webpage content.