Idiocracy on the “News”

Has anyone noticed how moronic most news stations are these days? It’s like 90% of the news is not news, but sensationalism, any kind of moronic topic to get morons to watch. For example, during Lost tonight they aired 3 commercials about the 11:00 PM news after Lost. One part was about how they found body parts on a road, with the caption “Is a serial killer on the loose?” The second part was about how cars that get into low-speed accidents are expensive to fix. The third was commentary on the Lost episodes themselves.

Jumping from body parts to “Is a serial killer on the loose?” is outlandish sensationalism, no more meaningful, accurate, or relevant than “Be Scared! Boston Police Force blowing shit up again!” or Brittney Spears shaving her head. How is cars being expensive to fix newsworthy or relevant of even one second of airtime? They even showed it live, as if it was breaking news or something. And to try to draw viewers by doing a news episode on a FICTIONAL TV SHOW… That’s a new low. You’d think there is nothing else going on in the world. What about our invasion and occupation of Iraq, or Iran and North Korea threatening us with nukes, or crimes and corruption in the government, or our 40% tax rate, which is actually higher when you account for business taxes and tarrifs, the impending bankruptcy of the US government and economy, or global warming?

With “News” like this, it’s no wonder America is getting dumber and dumber. I’m reminded of Idiocracy, whose premise was that the stupid people have a lot more kids than the smart people, thus lowering the IQ of the nation as a whole.