Kevin Jenkins

To contribute to the development of high quality games.

Highlights of qualifications:

Developer of Empire of Ember
Empire of Ember is a first person action RPG I developed in Unity with a small team over 5 years. It includes fully destructible physics, magic and melee combat, fully buildable cities, downloadable cities, and up to 100 unit battles. I learned how to hire, budget, and do project management. I did most of the programming myself in C# and gaining a good understanding of the Unity game engine.

Senior Engineer at Oculus / Facebook
Senior Engineer. Worked with 5 other engineers in the Oculus PC SDK team across a variety of Windows system level tasks.

Author of RakNet
RakNet is a network game library I developed since 2003 and sold to Oculus in 2014. Platform support includes the XBOX 360, PS3, Vita, PC, Linux, Mac, IOS, and Android.
Games shipped with RakNet include:
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Black Prophecy, Breaking the Rules, Crashday, Darkspore, Dungeons Multiplayer Addon, Battlestar Galatica, Defenders of Ardania, Fear 3, FerryGame, Fracture, Front Mission Evolved, Fuel Overdose, Heavy Weapon, Jeopardy, Lego Universe, Patrician IV, Oil Rush, Orcs must Die 2, Peggle, Political Machine 2008, Port Royal 3, Puzzlegeddon, Real Flight, Renagade Ops, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Snipers - Invisible, Silent, Deadly, The Cursed Crusde, Wheel of Fortune, Wings of Prey, X2 Football 2010

Shipped projects I directly worked on

1. Batmobile Arcade Game
Network Contractor, Specular (2013)
Use RakNet to replace prior network code over 4 months into a networked arcade game.

2. Front Mission Evolved
Network Contractor, Double Helix (2010)
Integrate RakNet into single player code base. Programmed entire multiplayer gameplay and lobby.

3. Jeopardy - (PS3)
Lead Network Programmer, Sony Online Entertainment (started August 2007)
Integrate RakNet and support network code for SOE in their downloadable version of Jeopardy! for the PS3. Work included writing a cross-platform interface for the PS3 lobby service, writing peer to peer synchronization code, and general gameplay support and debugging.

4. DaVinci Code - (XBOX, PS2)
AI Support (2006), The Collective
Wrote the Allied behaviors system and did some support for the existing AI code.

5. Marc Ecko's Getting Up - (XBOX, PS2, PC)
AI Programming (2005), The Collective
Provide support, maintenance, and additions to the AI, special navigation, civilian, script, and level editor systems of a codebase with over 3 million lines of code. Write technical design documents for AI and networking.

6. Star Wars Episode 3 - The game (XBOX, PS2)
AI Programming (2005), The Collective (started Oct. 2004)
Took over previous AI programmer's code base. Worked with over a dozen scripters and several other programmers to tweak, polish, and bugfix the AI over 6 months.

7. Elite Forces Vietnam - (PC)
Gameplay and Network programmer (2004), nFusion Interactive
A tactical 3D shooter combining semi-realistic action and skill based RPG elements. Game modes include the single player campaign, individual missions, and multiplayer with 4 modes and a variety of sub-options. The campaign ties together individual missions and allows you to determine your own waypoints (which affect what missions show up and the enemies on them), equipment, and your squad roster. Based on performance you gain experience and medals which in turn improve skills and grant special bonuses. I designed the campaign mode, the medal and scoring system, the accuracy system, and all of the multiplayer. From the technical side, I wrote about 40% of the game, including all multiplayer and the campaign, and had to work with almost all the code. Weapons, items, AI, maps, and textures are moddable with the first two mod types distributed in-game. Multiplayer bandwidth usage averages 100 bytes per second per player, up to 400 during combat.

8. Kuma War - (PC)
Subcontractor (2004)
Responsible for modification and maintenance of game and network code.

9. Line of Sight: Vietnam - (PC)
Lead network programmer (2003), nFusion Interactive
Stealth based FPS with vehicles. Supports 32 players in CTF, DM, Coop, and Mission based modes maps. Matchmaking support via Gamespy

10. Deadly Dozen 2 - (PC)
Lead network programmer (2002), nFusion Interactive (started Jan. 2002)
Added multiplayer to a squad based FPS with vehicles in 9 months. Supports 32 players, each with 4 squad members, and several hundred AI on the map. Bandwidth support is up to 32 players as a server with a T1 or faster, and 32 players as a client on a 56K or faster. Gamemodes include capture the flag, cooperative, mission based, and deathmatch. All multiplayer modes support loading and saving mid-game, Gamespy support and matchmaking. Supports kick/ban/mapchange voting, server and client console commands, and chat logs. Nominated for top budget game of the year by Gamespy.

Graduated 2001 Cogswell Polytechnical with BS in Software Engineering.
GPA: 3.90


Excellent references available upon request.