Dr. Steve Pieczenik claims Trump is still president

It’s worth watching but here’s a summary of Dr. Steve Pieczenik’ claims. President Trump’s actions follows the pattern of a coup. President Trump declared martial law before leaving office. He has retained control of the military but is waiting for the right time, but we don’t know when that will be. He is letting the crooks, including Mr. Biden giving themselves enough rope to hang themselves (FBI: this is an idiom, I am not saying to literally hang Mr. Biden).

My commentary: If true, this does explain some of President Trump’s unusual actions.

  1. Declare the office of the former president. Why? Source:
  2. President Trump will not testify at impeachment. The impeachment hearing would be a great opportunity to get the final word in about election fraud, but if he really didn’t want to be impeached it would be better to not testify. Source:
  3. President Trump has been uncharacteristically silent since leaving office. Source:
  4. President Trump did not hand Mr. Biden the nuclear football at the inauguration ceremony. Did this ever actually occur? Source
  5. If President Trump wanted to reduce civil strife over retaining the office, this is a good way to do it. Mr. Biden has been destroying his popularity such as shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, halting work on the border wall which we still have to pay for anyway, or going after the 2nd amendment. Even Antifa and BLM says they were just being used and have started rioting again. Source:
  6. This gives more time for the rest of the world to prepare for military action against China. Sources:
  7. Was China planning a military attack on the capital on inauguration day if Trump retained power? Why else have 25,000 to 30,000 troops there? Why in the world would you have F-16 fighters and patriot missile batteries for protestors? Source:

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