Chance for the 2024 election?

Suppose I am the much stronger player in a game of basketball, but my opponent hacks the scoreboard to give himself the win. The majority of the people in the crowd question the outcome, but they get their microphones cut off. The major commentators and other referees in the game congratulate my opponent on his fair win. For the rematch we use the same scoreboard as before. My opponent was not punished for changing the scores the last game; on the contrary he gets promoted to head referee. He immediately starts implementing rules to make future scores easier to change, for example by no longer keeping log files.

It’s inconceivable and mind-boggling in this hypothetical scenario to put any hopes on the next game of basketball; you’d be a fool to even play. Yet if you replace basketball with election, this is what is happening right now! I don’t understand how I’m the only one who can see this and even popular commentators like Steven Crowder keep talking about the next election. Either everyone else knows something I don’t, or it’s some kind of willful blindness because they aren’t willing to accept what this really means for America and democracy.

Nobody has even put forth this question that I’ve seen, much less offered any kind of explanation.

Can someone explain?

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