Absolute Proof with more explanations

Mike Lindell talks to Steve Bannon about his movie and provides more detail and explanations

The weakest part of absolute proof is the absolute proof given at the very end, the server logs showing intrusions from China. Mr. Bannon asks about this and Mr. Lindell is pretty evasive. But I listened carefully and it sounds like he is claiming he has 3 whistleblowers inside the government but can’t reveal them until the court cases go through. It would have been more believable if he just said this directly but I think Mr. Lindell wanted to be believed. I’m not sure I believe it myself at this point but we’ll find out soon enough.


It doesn’t matter that Trump is winning election lawsuits

If courts have discretion to not look at the evidence in a timely manner, and this means the cheater wins that case by default, then this means judges can choose who they want to win the election.

  1. Over half the lower courts chose not to not look at the evidence in a timely manner.
  2. The Supreme Court chose not to not look at the evidence.
  3. The States chose not to look at the evidence in a timely manner.
  4. Congress chose not look at the evidence.
  5. The FBI chose not look at the evidence.

The swamp isn’t going to drain itself. It doesn’t matter if Trump wins 100% of his remaining cases, or if Mike Lindell releases 100 movies.

This was a successful coup carried out by China, using our systems against us. Co-opt our freedom of speech to allow Marxist ideas in the universities. News media is allowed to lie, buy the media to spread disinformation. We have private companies involved in our election systems, invest in them to ensure weak election integrity.

China hacked payroll records of all government officials, so have had 7 years to blackmail who they needed to. This is why the FBI didn’t step in, and likely most of the judges.


Mike Lindell: Absolute Proof

Lindell’s movie should have spent 75% of time on credibility and 25% on claims, but it was more like 5% credibility and 95% claims. The weak claims were bunched together with the strong ones. If someone with an open mind wanted to check one of the claims, the first ‘fact check’ would show the claim being false, which is why credibility was so important. If the point of the movie was to make people mad, it succeeded, but if the point was to change minds, it’s a failure.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik claims Trump is still president

It’s worth watching but here’s a summary of Dr. Steve Pieczenik’ claims. President Trump’s actions follows the pattern of a coup. President Trump declared martial law before leaving office. He has retained control of the military but is waiting for the right time, but we don’t know when that will be. He is letting the crooks, including Mr. Biden giving themselves enough rope to hang themselves (FBI: this is an idiom, I am not saying to literally hang Mr. Biden).

My commentary: If true, this does explain some of President Trump’s unusual actions.

  1. Declare the office of the former president. Why? Source:
  2. President Trump will not testify at impeachment. The impeachment hearing would be a great opportunity to get the final word in about election fraud, but if he really didn’t want to be impeached it would be better to not testify. Source:
  3. President Trump has been uncharacteristically silent since leaving office. Source:
  4. President Trump did not hand Mr. Biden the nuclear football at the inauguration ceremony. Did this ever actually occur? Source
  5. If President Trump wanted to reduce civil strife over retaining the office, this is a good way to do it. Mr. Biden has been destroying his popularity such as shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, halting work on the border wall which we still have to pay for anyway, or going after the 2nd amendment. Even Antifa and BLM says they were just being used and have started rioting again. Source:
  6. This gives more time for the rest of the world to prepare for military action against China. Sources:
  7. Was China planning a military attack on the capital on inauguration day if Trump retained power? Why else have 25,000 to 30,000 troops there? Why in the world would you have F-16 fighters and patriot missile batteries for protestors? Source:


Boycott Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohls

Boycott Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohls stopped selling My Pillow. Patriots need to support each other from censorship and make these companies regret opposing freedom and democracy. I will no longer shop at, and encourage others, to boycott Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohls. If you need pillows, towels, robes, sheets, or other products My Pillow Sells, please buy from them directly.

New sources:





Chance for the 2024 election?

Suppose I am the much stronger player in a game of basketball, but my opponent hacks the scoreboard to give himself the win. The majority of the people in the crowd question the outcome, but they get their microphones cut off. The major commentators and other referees in the game congratulate my opponent on his fair win. For the rematch we use the same scoreboard as before. My opponent was not punished for changing the scores the last game; on the contrary he gets promoted to head referee. He immediately starts implementing rules to make future scores easier to change, for example by no longer keeping log files.

It’s inconceivable and mind-boggling in this hypothetical scenario to put any hopes on the next game of basketball; you’d be a fool to even play. Yet if you replace basketball with election, this is what is happening right now! I don’t understand how I’m the only one who can see this and even popular commentators like Steven Crowder keep talking about the next election. Either everyone else knows something I don’t, or it’s some kind of willful blindness because they aren’t willing to accept what this really means for America and democracy.

Nobody has even put forth this question that I’ve seen, much less offered any kind of explanation.

Can someone explain?