Subspace Asteroids V1.0

Subspace Asteroids V1.0

Written by: Kevin Jenkins

Open Source Freeware!

I wrote this because I've always loved the ships in Subspace and thought it would be cool to play them in Asteroids. I asked around but nobody with any Asteroids- style game was willing to take friggin' 5 minutes to implement reverse thrust. Well, if you want a job done right do it yourself. It took me a week to write this and I did my best to copy the original and supreme Subspace ship settings. You may have noticed the ships and settings come out of Subspace.

The source code is included in this zip. It's called subspaceasteroids.cpp. You can delete it if you just want to play.
Download Subspace Asteroids!

You'll need to download and include this dll in the game directory for the game to run unless you have a C++ compiler.