Lamer Test

Answer the following questions and write down your answers:

1. Somebody better than you is chasing you. Do you
a) run away
b) fight your best and take the chance of dying
c) lay mines
d) run to the nearest safe

2. A negkiller is on your frequency. Do you
a) change frequencies and kill him
b) ignore him
c) attach and help him
d) go to spec mode and give out his coordinates

3. You are in a safe zone and some guy keeps shooting you. Do you
a) come out and fight
b) insult him from the safety of the safe zone
c) call friends and all swarm him
d) warp

4. You just killed a player better than yourself. Do you
a) don't say anthing
b) message that he is good
c) laugh
d) spam him and his squad with insults

5. You see a bunch of people on radar fighting. Do you
a) throw a bunch of bombs at them
b) ignore them or particpate depending on your teammate status
c) lay a minefield, attack them, and run away towards your minefield
d) run away

6. You just killed a lamer. Do you
a) run a kill macro to make fun of him
b) ask a spectator for his coordinates so you can neg him
c) apologize
d) look for another target

7. You just killed a neg who didn't do anything to you. Do you
a) run a kill macro
b) don't say anything
c) apologize publicly
d) apologize privately

8. A neg just shot a bullet at you. Do you
a) kill him
b) ignore him
c) ask him to stop
d) shoot at him but let him run away if he tries to

9. Somebody who is worse than you just said that you suck. Do you
a) hunt him down for a duel
b) neg kill him for revenge
c) ignore him
d) argue with him

10. You see that the famous Rak'kar is starting a anti-lamer league. Do you
a) call him a loser
b) join
c) ignore it
d) argue with him about how it's impossible

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