The Scourge of Eleriad

This current page is just quick and dirty but anyway click on the resolution of your monitor below and it'll pop up the game.

System Requirements

Sound Card: A sound card is not required but the nicer one you have the more enjoyable the game will be. I recommend at least a Sound Blaster 16 or higher though.
Computer Speed: It doesn't take a too fast computer for this game. I think any computer can run it though a faster computer will startup the game faster and there may be slightly less flash between screens.
Modem Speed: I did a wonderful thing in programming this and that is to nearly eliminate server access. Thus, the speed of the game is dependent on your computer more than the slowness of the internet. The biggest wait is for the game to originally load. After that there's only midi loading really. This game is very nice to play while waiting for those long downloads.
Browser: This used to only run in Netscape 3.0. The javascript seems to be less buggy and more robust in modern browsers. I made a few changes so it appears to work in IE 5.0. If you have any problems let me know.



To move you hit one of the cardinal directions on the compass. Doing this will move you in that direction. Moving takes 10 turns. All monsters in an area get a free attack at you when you move but at a decreased chance to hit. Also, sometimes there are special areas that you can only enter once or opportunities that will only happen once. If you retreat you lose whatever it was you could have gained. However there's usually better stuff later on so don't take the risk if you aren't ready. If you die to a monster in an area you can never reenter you can never get that gold back either.


You have 3 ways to attack; fierce, normal, and defensive. Obviously fierce is more likely to hit and more likely to get you hit while defensive is the opposite. It is recommended that you do not use fierce if there are a lot of monsters around since EACH monster will get the bonus to hit you. To keep the game moving quickly, and because of the randomness of combat, you can't choose who to attack, it is randomly chosen among all available targets. I think this is more realistic when you are under attack by numerous enemies anyway.
When you kill a monster sometimes it will drop treasure. Gold is picked up automatically. If a monster has a special weapon or item you will be prompted to pick it up. If you die, you only lose 10% of your current experience.


To rest all you do is hit one of the attack buttons when there are no monsters around. This will waste time to you can regenerate hitpoints (only if you have a ring of regeneration of course). Be aware that wandering monsters may arrive; especially in the later areas.


If you buy an item in a store you automatically sell your current weapon for 1/2 its value. You can't carry more than weapon at once which is realistic considering that these weapons are large and heavy sometimes with powerful enchantments. You are not a pack horse and need the freedom to fight. Just select whatever you want to buy and click the buy button. Whatever messages you need to know will be displayed in the lower quick message window


The bank is how you hold money between deaths. It's not so important in the beginning of the game but later on it's very nice. You can keep a certain amount to rebuy the weapons if you die so you don't have to go back to fighting with your fists


This is where you can drop off your old items. This way, if you die and lose your latest and greatest stuff you can go over to the armory and pick up your old stuff so you can keep on fighting. If you are wearing or carrying an item when you buy a new one from the store; your old item is automatically sold so if you want to keep an item drop it off in the armory first.


The smith Delgan will be happy to enhance your weapons, but for a huge sum. Enhancing weapons also increases their value so it would cost more later to rebuy it if you lose it. If there are monsters in that area he won't work (monsters get in the way). Also, the engrave your name option is merely a vanity. For 100 gp you can change whatever your weapon is called.


There are 2 types of potions: heal and cure poison. Heal will add 20% of your maximum hit points to your current hit points with fractions rounded up. Cure poison will naturally cure any poisoning you have but will not recover the hp lost from the poison. If there are monsters present they attack you at a penalty to hit while you try to glug down potions. There is a limit to how many doses of a potion you can hold at once (the bottle will overflow otherwise and you can't carry bottles around or they'd get crushed).

The stat screen

Pretty self explanatory. Note that the to hit and to dodge values are those without your armor and weapons. Magic armor and weapons can enhance these while wearing heavy unenchanted armors usually lower your dodging ability. Gaining levels increases these values and gives you more hitpoints. The experience table follows a parabola so the higher level you are the more exp it takes to gain the next level. This also is slightly adjusted by your difficulty level. Looking at your stat screen doesn't take any game time.

Looking around

This gives your area name, description, and any monsters present. It does not take a turn to do since this doesn't take much more than a glance.


is free for a mighty adventurer like you. The villagers are grateful enough that you are trying to help them to give you free lodging. Sleeping takes a long time but not so long that it's worth risking dying over. Before you get regeneration rings this will be your primary way to heal. If you are poisoned and try to sleep do not expect much healing though.

Saving and Restoring

Due to the limitations of cookies, certain data is lost when you restore a game. Don't save if you have special monsters (that you have encountered already) wandering around, kill them first or you lose whatever treasure they would have given you. Also, certain assumptions are made about the game state since I can only save a limited amount of info so try to tie up all loose ends first too.

Q & A

Why is the game so hard? I keep dying.
The game is actually pretty easy. What you are doing wrong is going through the areas too fast. Just stay in town and fight in the arena till you get enough money for a long sword and chain mail (or better) if you have to.
Here some some tips:
1. In a 1 on 1 battle use strong attack when the monster is almost dead. The monster won't get a counterattack when it's dead.
2. Check your hitpoints. Once it reaches just above the point where the monster could kill you in 1 hit get out of there. Don't take risks.
3. Keep a ready stock of potions. If you are poisoned without a cure poison potion you are almost certainly dead. If you don't have healing potions you are at a huge disadvantage for obvious reasons.
4. Fight in the arena in the beginning of the game. This is a quick, easy, and safe way to get money and experience. If you start to lose the monsters can't follow and the store is right next to you. Don't enter the troll caves until you have a 2 handed sword and plate mail.

Why shouldn't I hit enter in the text bars?
Due to a bug in dynamically created documents in javascript, it will bring up the root directory when you do this. This happens to be my Starcraft ladder which is very cool (link is below), but it's not part of the game.

How come the screen goes blank when I hit resize?
This is a bug in Netscape. When it tries to reload the frame it rereads the file. I don't use files but dynamic HTML so it has nothing to read and shows nothing. I've disabled resize but it doesn't work (yet another javascript bug)

How come I sometimes see my hitpoints as an extremely precise number such as 19.9999999?
Javascript does math differently on different computers. Because of this it is not often accurate or gives strange figures. There's nothing I can do about this more than I have already and it won't hurt the game at all.

Why did you implement an autosave? Now I can't restore anymore once I die to get my stuff back :(
Well for one it makes the game last longer. The real reason though is that many events in the game are based on how long you take. With restoring you could die a million times and you would get the same reward as a skillful player who never died which isn't fair.

What happens if I quit right after I die anyway?
Well in order to keep the game going the monsters who killed you keep all the gold you use to have + the value of your armor and weapons. So all you need to do is spend a few minutes to kill them and you'll get all your gold back. Once you do that you can rebuy your weapons and armor. However, if you quit, all the monsters are reset including the ones who had all your gold so you then lose the opportunity to get that back. Any money you had in the bank would still be there but that's all you'd have. I purposely made the game player based rather than item based as well so even after losing all your stuff you are still quite strong and are formidable even with your fists.

What happens when I win?
You'll be given a little form to fill out that will send me your stats, your time, and your difficulty level. I will then post this on a hall of fame page with the highest difficulty the most important; next the player's time to completion; and lastly the player's level

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