Demon Battle version .95

Welcome to Demon Battle. This is my first from-scratch 3D game, written mainly to better learn 3D programming. I'd like to especially thank Mike Bohatch for letting me use the backdrops on the front and credits page, Jason Zisk for LOTS of help with 3D programming questions, and Terry Casper for letting me use his castle model.

Update: Multiplayer functional. Just missing fireball explosions now, which I'll get to eventually. The game is otherwise complete.


  1. Download the game. If it doesn't ask you to save the file then right click and choose "Save as".
  2. Get DirectX 9.0 installed on your system. If you have it already go to step 3. Otherwise go to and download it.
  3. Run the exe (now is a self-installing program)

How to play

Two castles. Two angry greater demons. Hordes of lesser demons. One giant battle.

Left click to shoot. Hold down the button to shoot farther.
Right click to summon a demon.

Demons kill each other and the enemy castle. Fireballs hurt only demons, but are cheaper to cast and give you some mana if they kill an enemy demon.

When the level up icon appears click it or hit the middle mouse button to gain a level. Then click on the name of the perk you want to take or hit the corresponding number key.
The perk description is at the bottom of the screen.

The game ends when one of the castles is destroyed.

Hit F2 to swap between windowed and full screen mode, and to set your resolution.

Multiplayer requires ports 60003 (Server, UDP) and 60004 (Client, UDP) to be open in case you are behind a firewall.

Missing features

Fireball explosions, and a graphical interface for the gameplay state are not yet implemented.

Known bugs

Bitmaps flicker. Something to do with the refresh rate or vsynch being overriden by the OS?


Programmer, Designer
Kevin Jenkins

3D Programming Advice, Multiplayer testing
Jason Zisk

Host, Join, Instructions backdrops used with permission by
Leilah Wendell (

Credits and Main page backdrops used with permission by
Mike Bohatch (

Castle model used with permission by
Terry Casper (

Landscape texture donated from
Jeff Birns

Bauul model (summoned demons) downloaded from fileplanet. Created by
Brian "EvilBastard" Collins

CD 2000 model (mouse cursor) downloaded from fileplanet. Created by
Jonn Gorden

Game icon from


Email bugs, suggestions, or (much appreciated) game contributions to All contributors will be listed in the credits.