The Epic Games Store doesn’t deserve the hate it is getting

I don’t quite follow why there is so much hate for the Epic Games store. I understand the criticisms about it having fewer features than Steam and exclusives. But all other storefronts also have fewer features, and some also have exclusives. Why not the same rants and calls to boycott the other stores?

More competition is a good thing, both for consumers and developers.

According to what I have read online, most online stores besides the Epic Games store take around 30% of gross. Suppose your game makes a 50% profit on the development costs. For illustration, we’ll say the game costs 1 million to makes and grosses 1.5 million. 30% of 1.5 million leaves the developer 1.05 million, a profit of $50,000. In other words, even with a profit margin of 50%, the owners did not even make enough to pay themselves what they would have made working at some other job. They made less than they would have even earned if they had just invested the 1 million in something else.

I’ve read “I don’t care about the revenue split for developers, I just want a good store.” But you should care about developers, as they are the ones making the games! Even if the developer does not charge less for the game it still helps the players because that developer who only make $50,000 before and has to shut down the company now made $180,000 and while they are not rolling in cash, at least they made back the time they worked on the game and can risk making another.

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I can say that consumers have had backlash against pretty much every single online store that their games were DRM tied to. There was backlash in the early days of steam, the early days of UPlay, there’s already backlash building about Stadia, and likely there’s going to be backlash when Microsoft announces their store (they are beta testing a “Netflix for PC games”). So all in all, I think that people just don’t like change!

That said, I agree wholeheartedly as a dev, this is a great thing! It means that hopefully competition will push the licensing fees down and help our margins, which give us in turn more breathing room and better quality of life while developing!

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