I got LASIK this Saturday. It was $3000 per eye but I paid half of that because of insurance and a discount. They gave me an equivalent to Xanax which took the edge off but the process was still moderately scary. First they put a ring on my eye. They used Intralase to cut a flap. The doctor lifted up the flap with a metal tool, moved me to another machine, and the other machine removed about 10% of my retinal tissue over 20 seconds. The doctor then put the flap back down and smoothed it. I did not feel pain exactly, but I had discomfort until the painkiller took effect the same as if you touched your own eye.

The actual operation took maybe 10 minutes. But the whole procedure was 2 hours with the waiting and paperwork.

The doctor told me I had a scratch on my right eye, so the first day my right eye had a moderate amount of pain. I could see right away but things were blurry, for example I couldn’t completely read my phone to text my ride. A lot of the blur was from my eyes watering. I went to sleep right away and after waking up 50% of the pain was gone.

The next day I had no pain. I had and still have a halo effect. It’s pretty much like what you would see in a game if they wanted light to halo around a bright window. The brighter the light and the darker the surrounding area the more noticeable the halo is.

I’m going to an eye doctor tonight for a followup. But just from looking around my vision is good enough I don’t need glasses, but still not as good as when I wore glasses. My near vision is also not as good as it used to be. Where I could easily see fine details of fingerprints now I have to struggle to do so. Over the next week my vision is supposed to improve so I’ll know the final result then.

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