Apache and Apache Tomcat are different things!

Apache and Apache Tomcat are technologies that both serve webpages, have features in common, and have a name in common. But they are DIFFERENT FUCKING things and NOWHERE is this fucking clear until I ran across a post where someone else discovered this too. So I would do a general search on how to do something, and the webpage would be talking about Apache and not Apache Tomcat, and I would be confused out of my fucking mind. Especially since some sites talking about Tomcat would shorten it to “Apache” and some sites talking about “Apache” I thought were talking about Tomcat. So the website would say to add settings to a text file that doesn’t exist, or to create a file and the changes would not work. I wasted a LOT of damn hours because of this.

It would be like if I made a hamburger restaurant named “McDonalds BurgerKing” that had a similar layout and menu, but be a different restaurant and use different names of items with different ingredients, and never explain this to anyone.

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