QT Visual Studio integration doesn’t work / how to fix

I downloaded the SDK for Windows

Then the Visual Studio Add-In

Installed both. Now the 4th or so option in Visual Studio is “QT”

You can click create project / QT / QT Application.

However, it doesn’t work

I read a forum post to click in the file menu QT / QT Options. However, if you click add, the OK button to select a file is always disabled.

Forum Post where others give the answer. You have to set two environment variables, and build with mingw

Building QT in MinGW is pretty hard to figure out. So I found a YouTube video on how to do it
QT + Visual Studio 2005 Part 1/5

And it doesn’t build without errors
Unresolved externals

It’s great that they give this out for free under the LGPL, but from a sales standpoint this is an Epic Fail. It doesn’t work out of the box, there is no documentation or support on why, and the price is very high. $4000 for a license and $2000 for 10 support incidents.

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Their own IDE package “QtCreator” which comes with pre-compiled binaries for mingw and works out the box. QtCreator is acctually very nice but it is pretty much a glorified text editor, rather than a fully intergrated IDE.

But the visual studio intergration needs subtancial improvement QtCreator is more fully featured and it took over 8 hours to compile the necessery binaries needed for it. would be helpful if the correct binaries were included, i also suffered from the build errors with the webkit. from what i understand the commercial addin is more advanced than the free offering (it intergrates the form design into the ide)

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