75% of Rent-a-coder bidders didn’t read what they were bidding on

I posted the following bid request on Rent-A-Coder
PHP Directory Server 2

At the end of the bid I wrote
“To show that you read the requirements, write ‘I read the requirements’ in your bid. Bids that do not have this will not be considered as valid bids.”

I got 8 bids in the next 12 hours. Of those 8, 6 did not write “I read the requirements” Not surprisingly, of those that did not read the requirements, 5 were in 3rd world counties (the people you should never hire).

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I don’t see why you think your results were significantly different. In fact, you support what I am saying. Even with the most obviously fraudulent bid request possible you got a large number of bids. So 1/3 of bidders literally do not read at all. And 3/4 didn’t read carefully.

@ Rak’kar,

Stop writing all the b**l s**ts in your articles.

You are no good. Most of the persons from your so called “1st world” or the developed countries don’t know what they want and are indulged in really bad bad activities.

On the page I linked to, it says “Out of 16 bids, we received six that were similar to the response above.” (That is, six bids were boilerplate responses — not fraudulent as you incorrectly implied). That means 10 bids passed the test. Mathematically, 62% of the bids were appropriate. Only 37% were inappropriate.

You would benefit your readers by refraining from exaggerating.

Apparently you didn’t read the post. The bidder posted intentionally fraudulent bids to see what kind of fraudulent bidders (s)he would attract. Anyone that bids on an intentionally fraudulent bid with anything other than “What the hell is this?” is fraudulent. I extrapolated this to say that if even the most obviously fraudulent post gets that high of a percentage of bids, then it also proves my own point where a non-fraudulent bid is going to get even more (and I did).

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