My 5 box Wow Script with hotkeynet

I am playing World of Warcraft, controlling 5 instances at the same time. Here’s the script I’ve developed so far to help me do so. I’ve been writing it over 1 month.

Forum post with my script

2 replies on “My 5 box Wow Script with hotkeynet”

After the fairly long delay since your last update, the blog downtime this week, and the suspicious looking link my very first thought as a fellow WoW player was: “Keylogger! Blog hacked!” 🙂

They should rethink their domain. I usually do not click on links like “hotkeynet dot com”.

CoDi, what is it about the domain name that you dislike?

Originally “HotkeyNet” was intended to be a temporary working title for the program during its beta test. I planned to change both the program’s name and the website’s name.

However nobody came up with a name that I liked, and moreover it turned out that demand for the program is probably too small to justify turning it into a commercial product, so the name probably won’t be changed.

As for key logging, of course there’s nothing I can say that will make you believe me, but I assure you that there is no malicious code of any kind in the program.

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