Uploading RakNet to Sourceforge

It’s about time I put RakNet under source control. I wasn’t able to figure out how to host my own SVN server so after a few tries I got it approved by Sourceforge.

The upload process is very complicated and confusing. Right now I am stuck here:

I created the following directory structure.


Then I unzipped, which has all the distribution files, to RakNetSVN/trunk

Then I right clicked on RakNetSVN, selected import for TortoiseSVN, and entered for the subversion server. I get a similar error to the one above.

Anyone know what this means?

Am I supposed to run Putty?

** EDIT **

‘renchap’ helped me with this.

The correct URL is
You have to first checkout to the directory with your files.
Then you add your branches, tags, and trunk

He also helped me setup a bunch of other cool goodies.

1. Fixed the makefiles
2. Release notes automatically emailed, sent to RSS, and sent to IRC
3. Stopped hosting the Wiki myself

Sourceforge is very powerful!

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