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I will never work for EA

After reading about the EA spouse settlement I’m glad I never went to work for EA.

About a year and a half ago EA contacted me after I sent in a resume. I was really excited by this because everything on the phone went very well. I spoke to a programming department head and we really hit it off. Over 3 days, the EA recruiter contacted me 3 times by phone and we worked out a (in hindsight, low) salary of $75,000 a year. I was all set to move down there. On a Thursday he said they’d buy me plane tickets to fly down on Monday and speak to them in-person. I never hear back regarding confirmation of the flight times so I write three times on Friday and call both him and the person I interviewed with on the phone. No response.

So Monday comes and goes and I assume they lost interest and rudely just stopped replying to my emails. But about two months later the recruiter sends me an email out of the blue, apologizing with the excuse that he had to fly out, told his staff to handle the arrangements, which they didn’t do.

That sounds like a bunch of crap to me. First of all, if he flew out, does that mean he stopped checking his email? This is a connected world. It’s not like I sent one email either. I sent multiple emails, ending with something to the effect of “Hey it’s Monday and I didn’t hear from you. If you lost interest please let me know.” And why would it take 2 months for him to follow up? Furthermore, I just wrote to him and got an answer like an hour before I sent in my inquiry about the plane ticket. Did he fly out in that short period of time, making no mention of this or that I should expect to hear from his staff?

If you don’t want to hire me, fine. If there is a canidate you want to try first, go for it. This is business. I do the same thing, where I have multiple job offers and go in order of preference. Don’t lie or jerk me around though. If you say “You are going to fly here on Monday” I will start packing, and if I don’t fly I will have wasted time and effort.

So a different recruiter contacted me about 4 months ago. I brought up EA spouse, and she said something to the effect that they made a lot of changes and things were different now. I didn’t answer though, because even if that were the case I will never work for EA after getting jerked around.

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uh. registration required. wanted to say something meaningful here (like all companies jerk people around, some do hide it better). but forgot exactly what because of the registration process. 🙂

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