Recording ITunes

My wife said to me one of her friends was asking about “that site where you can get the free music.” So I told her about Magnatune, wiki, and some other places where you can do so. Obviously that wasn’t what her friend wanted though, which reminded me back in the mid-90’s about how I used to record the audio-out from my computer. It occured to me that there isn’t really any way that online radio can stop you from reading the audio-out from your sound card and recording it. So as a quick test I downloaded Audio Record Wizard and it worked…

Audio Record Wizard

Of course I only recorded a song I legally owned already, deleted it immediately, and am not condoning others doing this. As we all know, piracy is wrong.

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there’s a sweet little linux program that will download online radio and put it in already cut and tagged mp3 files. It’s called streamripper. I don’t know if it exists for windows as well or any other similiar software, but you can get it way more convenient and beginner friendly than klicking by hand at the beginning and the end of each song

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