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Progress report

This weekend I finished the fundamental properties of the particle editor. This includes an interface to the GUI system and of course the ability to display particle.

I have a model viewer working as well, which I am going to convert and expand to a material editor.

Save and load isn’t implemented for either one yet because it would be pointless to implement it without knowing the specs of what I need yet.

Fortunately, it’s been 10X easier and faster to write my second editor, the material editor, than the first one since all the GUI elements are already debugged and working. So it may be done as soon as this week.

In other news, Novodex didn’t respond to me. I guess they don’t want people offering them business?

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Sounds about the same as my experience with Novodex. Lately, I’ve disliked alot of what Novodex is doing anyway, so there’s a generally nasty taste in my mouth in regard to them.

Even Unreal Tech responded to a lowly homebrewer… but Novodex? Get over yourselves… you have half the market share havok does, at best. Although havok would probably ignore me just as well.

Throwing humble guys like a me a bone (cough, novodex, cough) might benefit you in the future when we build money-making technology that could’ve featured your libraries.

Loosely related, my friend up north said this restaurant keeps charging his card a dollar or two more than the receipt… talk about short-sighted… naturally he and his friends stopped going.

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